2016 Nuffield International TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture (TCGA) Scholarship

LUCIANO LOMAN – 2016 Nuffield International Scholar

December 2015

Luciano Loman, from São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil, has been awarded a 2016 Nuffield International Scholarship, supported by TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture LLC and TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture II LLC which are managed by TIAA-CREF Asset Management.

He was selected from a field of excellent global applicants from the USA, Brazil, Australia and Poland. He will study farming and technology, with emphasis on creative technologic solutions that will fit the Brazilian agricultural industry.

Luciano is the founder and partner at Metos Brasil, a subsidiary of Pessl Instruments. He manages a team of people who provide creative solutions to assist farmers to increase their productivity, reduce costs, save water and manage resources.

“The nature of my business is to empower farmers and producers with reliable, real time DSS (Decision Support Systems) based on information about weather, disease and pests on the field” says Luciano.

“I have participated in the building and maintenance of different weather monitoring networks for early warning alerts and disease risk modelling, water balance and irrigation management via evapotranspiration and soil moisture sensors and localised weather forecasting.

“With my scholarship, I will look for inspiration in different parts of the world and bring knowledge, create and adapt simple solutions for farmers, as well as more complex tools for large and professionalised companies,” he says.

In two years, Metos Brasil has installed around 600 weather stations and monitoring equipment in diverse agricultural areas in Brazil and he is looking forward to using his scholarship to study a wide range of technological advances.

“I will research irrigation management and drought fighting techniques in Australia, intensive glasshouse production systems in the Netherlands and visit India to study production and technology used in a country with very low labour costs,” he says.

“Even though we have access to various technologies on the field, most are very expensive, imported, and many Brazilian farmers are still afraid of technology in general,” he says.

“Really simple and practical information needs to be available at all times to allow smarter decisions in the field.

“My ultimate aim is to turn information into profit”.

Luciano is a graduate Universidade de São Paulo as an Electronic Engineer and has completed Business Specialisation at St. Paul Business School - São Paulo.

He relishes new technology and new ideas and sees huge potential in Brazil to offer small farmers and families the opportunity to create simple and useful information solutions to empower then to make better decisions.

“I plan to adapt simple and affordable technological solutions that can be widespread amongst Brazilian producers, helping them to save resources and increase yield on a smarter agriculture model” he says.

“I will work in partnerships with local co-operatives and companies to implement technology systems for small producers to improve life conditions and also develop and market holistic solutions for weather, crop, pests and soils for larger scale farmers and groups.”

To carry out his research, Luciano will travel to Australia, the USA, Russia, India, South Africa and the Netherlands.

This scholarship is kindly supported by TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture LLC and TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture II LLC which are managed by TIAA-CREF Asset Management.

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Announcing the First (2015) Nuffield International Scholar

Dated: December 2014

Roger Mercer, Chairman, Nuffield International Farming Scholars

It is my great pleasure to announce Ms Cecilia Fialho as the first Nuffield International Scholar who is supported by TIA-CREFF Global Agriculture.

Cecilia was selected from a wide range of applicants and is a young Brazilian, working as an economic analyst at Céleres Consultoria, based in Uberlândia in the state of Minas Gerais.

She intends to study "research on biotechnology usage in agriculture, focusing on its adoption on crops that still have low insertion regarding GMO, such as sugarcane, beans and others, and also to direct a new research program on renewable energy".

TIA-CREFF Global Agriculture (TCGA) is part of a large USA based pension fund which has farming interests in Brazil, USA and Australia (known as Westchester in Australia). They have invested in a Nuffield International scholarship because they believe it is essential young agriculturalists have the opportunity to travel globally to broaden their horizons, build capacity and bring back ideas which will benefit their nations agriculture. This in turn will ultimately assist TCGA in their endeavours to ensure there is a sustainable return from their investments. We stress this financial support is not a company training scheme, but an investment in agriculture in the countries where TCGA operate.

Eleven candidates applied for this scholarship with five going through to final interview. Only a minority had any connection to the sponsor and the successful applicant was not one of them.

Along with TCGA management, Nuffield scholars participated in all the selection panels. The board of Nuffield International would like to pass on our thanks to TCGA for the trust they had in Nuffield to manage the selection process and the scholarship program. We hope this is the beginning of their continued engagement with Nuffield International and the first of other companies and organisations supporting the Nuffield International scholarship program.

I cannot stress the significance of this development. Cecilia's selection is the start of a continued expansion of the Nuffield scholar base, which in turn will assist in broadening the network and knowledge base for all our current scholars.


CECILIA FIALHO – 2015 Nuffield International Scholar
Email: ceciliafialho@gmail.com | Cecilia has a blog which can be followed here

Cecilia is an an economic analyst at Céleres Consultoria, held in Uberlândia in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is the inaugral recipient of a Nuffield International Scholarship.

During her graduation in Economics, she developed a study on the mechanisation of the sugarcane industry impacts on the Brazilian labor market.

Since 2010, she has been involved with agribusiness research and is part of a team that studies the global supply and demand of agricultural commodities, projecting its evolution ten years ahead. In addition, she is involved in the analysis of GMO adoption in Brazil and the benefits of biotechnology to agriculture.

Cecilia is looking forward to her Nuffield experience.

“Being a Nuffield scholar gives me the opportunity to study the GMO usage overseas, witnessing the heterogeneous realities of its adoption and comparing its evolution globally, between players, on a time frame,” she says.

Cecilia will visit the Czech Republic, China, USA, South Africa, India and France on her study.

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