Nuffield International Scholarships

Nuffield International is an investor of Nuffield Scholarships.

We offer an opportunity for applicants from non-member countries to be awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship annually as part of building the most important resource in agriculture – human capital.

The value of each Nuffield International Scholarship is US$30,000 and the duration of study is 16 weeks over two years with flexibility provided.

Applications are open for USA Agriculturalist

Applications are currently open for an agriculturalist from the USA to apply for a Nuffield Scholarship.


Nuffield International Scholarships are available for women and men who are:

  • US residents between 28 – 40 years of age (applications outside this age range will be considered)
  • Engaged in farming (including aquaculture, fishing, specialty crops and conservation) or a related industry
  • Intend to remain involved in agriculture and its allied industries in the USA

Nuffield Scholars present written reports on their individual study topic after completing their tour, and make verbal presentations about their topic in the 18 to 24 months following its completion.

Apply now!

You can view the Nuffield International Scholarship application form here.

Click here to read more about Nuffield in the USA

Applications close on 31st December 2015.


Jean Lonie
U.S. Honorary Ambassador
Nuffield International
Phone: 215-806-4805

TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture Scholarship

Applications for the 2016 NI TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture (TCGA) Scholarship have now closed but details can be found here

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