Nuffield Zimbabwe

Ranga Huruba has been selected as a 2020 Zimbabwe Scholar, supported by DripTech, DuduTech. who aims to research into communal and small-scale beef production in Zimbabwe. Ranga’s family owns land inherited from his grandfather where they are practising small-scale cattle ranching. He has a background in rangeland ecology and is currently doing his PhD in the same field while working for Debshan Ranch as Research Manager. Debshan is a cattle and game ranch embracing management for production sustainability. His long-term goal is to improve production potential and income of farmers, with the added advantage of increased ecosystem resilience. Identifying typical patterns in the heterogeneous situations in which farmers operate will provide crucial knowledge regarding key similarities and differences, facilitating the dissemination of findings and the transfer of successful strategies.

Nuffield International and Nuffield Zimbabwe are excited to announce that Philip Weller of Mazowe, Zimbabwe, has been selected as a 2019 Nuffield Farming Scholar. Phil represents the first Nuffield Zimbabwe Scholar since the country’s program was paused in 2002. Phil is the managing director of Tonsberg Farming, a vertically integrated horticulture company with breeding/genetics, marketing, and logistics capabilities in the cut flower space. While on his Nuffield scholarship, Phil plans on exploring Integrated Pest Management (IPM) efforts around the world, with a focus on the contribution of IPM plans to sustainable agriculture practices.

Philip’s scholarship is supported by NuFarm, DripTech, DuduTech and the Nuffield International Foundation Fund.

Phil Weller (third from right), and the 2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholars, are recognized by Nuffield International board chair Kelvin Meadows (Canada) at the organization's annual Contemporary Scholars Conference in Ames, Iowa, USA in March.

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